Do I need to have a particular kind of system to use UltraPoS?

No, UltraPoS will run on any standard PC running Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7.

UltraPoS can be deployed as a single user system, on networked PCs or as a 'thin client' intranet/internet application.

This web-enabled version of UltraPoS runs either on a customers' own network or on SCL's secure servers & only requires a browser (Internet Explorer 7 or later) & broadband internet connection at the client's site.

For larger installations, customers can run UltraPoS on their choice of server, database (SQL Server, Oracle etc) & operating system (Windows, Linux Unix).

Is there a lot of training involved?

UltraPoS is designed with ease-of-use as a pre-requisite, however, full training can be arranged depending on customers' requirements.

Will it cost a lot to deploy UltraPoS?

In short, no. SCL offer a range of pricing models from 'traditional' per seat licences to monthly rental options, tailored to suit individual circumstances.

Rental prices start from as little as £1 per user per day, a small price to pay!

How long does it take to complete a transaction?

Less than 30 seconds for a typical simple transaction. Users have the option to use either the mouse or keyboard & can also programme function keys as 'shortcuts' to commonly-used features.

What kind of reports will I have access to?

Reporting is a crucial area that is often surprisingly overlooked. UltraPoS provides a full 'basket' of reports as standard and offers the capability to add custom/ad hoc reporting on almost any data held in the system. Reports can also be made available in a choice of formats for loading into spreadsheets &/or other external systems such as general ledger, CRM etc.

Will UltraPoS affect any other programmes that I currently run?

No, unlike some of its competitors, UltraPoS will happily co-exist with all of your current applications.

Can we set up different access rights?

Yes, different capabilities and permissions can be allocated to users, dependent on their specific roles and responsibilities.

Can the system operate in different languages?

Yes the following languages are currently supported: English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese & Chinese (Simplified & Traditional). Other languages could be made available if required.

Can you export data to our own systems?

Yes, as mentioned above, UltraPoS can post data to other applications and systems, including those of travellers cheque issuers/FX suppliers for electronic settlement etc.

Do you support multiple products in a single set up?

Yes, UltraPoS was designed as a multi-issuer, multi-product system. The following product types can be processed, either individually or all in the same transaction:

Travellers Cheques, Stored Value Cards (from Multiple Issuers), Money Transfers, Banknotes, Banker's Drafts, Phonecards, Maps, Guide Books etc.

Is it easy to add new products?

Yes, products can be readily added (or removed) from the system.

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What Support is available for UltraPoS?

SCL offer a range of support options ranging from the standard UK office hours telephone/e-mail helpdesk to 24/7/365 engineer access.

Can you 'Try before buy'?

Yes, you can download a fully-functional evaluation copy of UltraPoS from SCL's website. If required, assistance can be given with the installation & configuration.

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